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Accessible content includes everyone.

The stressful days of do-it-yourself digital accessibility are over.

Squarely Accessible can tell you what’s not working, show you what to change and teach your team how to maintain the standards you’re working towards.

When conscious companies create inclusive web and social media content, their actions change the world.

Our Services

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Accessible Social Media Strategy

Content can’t be conversational until it’s inclusive. Work with our experts to design an accessible social media strategy that gets people talking.

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Digital Accessibility Training

Upskill your internal teams with custom workshops designed to get people excited, lean in and learn.

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The Accessibility Starter Kit

Make a bigger impact faster.
Get started with digital accessibility with a bespoke plan designed just for your business.

Accessible content is searchable content.

Accessibility isn’t about disability. It’s about everyone. When your online content is accessible, it removes barriers for people who use assistive technology to browse the web, gets better search engine ranking and improves the user experience for everyone else.

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Our training

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Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Certificate

Search is for humans, not robots. Learn how to get your website content found in search.

Transform the way you plan and write blog content in this 4-week online instructor-led program.

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Social Media Strategy Certificate

Learn how to use social media strategically for your organization, engage your audience and measure what matters.

This 6-week online instructor-led program will help you go from stressed out and stuck to confident and clear.

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Accessible Social Media and Website Content Writing

People want to do business with companies that believe in the same things they do.

Learn how to write accessible social media and website content in this 5-hour online class.

Course Cost:
CAD $367.50 + Tax

What our
clients say:

We appreciated Kelly’s knowledge as well as her collaborative approach and ability to effectively tailor her services to our specific needs (and range of experience with social media).  By “meeting us where we were at” she was able to communicate with us in meaningful ways that left us feeling more confident in expanding our social media presence.

Dr. Karen Dyck, Executive Director



Kelly’s professionalism and experience provided key guiding information as we strengthened our internal communication processes and refined our stakeholder engagement strategy and resulting plan.

Kamilla Karoli, VP Operations



Kelly’s work in guiding our social media strategy was key to enhancing Wawanesa’s profile and advancing the Brand Communications team’s goals. Her insight helped us solidify opportunities to engage core audiences in social media and to clearly define the centralized internal strategy for managing them.

Lisa Swan, Manager, Digital Marketing and UX