The Accessibility Starter Kit

Unlock the power of inclusive design!

The Accessibility Starter Kit is a transformative bundle of accessible design expertise paired with a personalized coaching plan to supercharge your content creation and ensure no one is left behind.

This is your opportunity to get the guidance you’ve been looking for, the boost you need to get going and the results that keep customers coming back.

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Chances are your organization wants to do good work, create positive change and help people.

Why does accessible marketing matter?

So you can reach more people, make a bigger impact and make your mark on the world.

It’s estimated that consumer companies with inaccessible websites and digital strategies lose $6.9 billion annually as frustrated disabled consumers take their business to competitors. Digital accessibility works to remove barriers for disabled people and inclusive design benefits everyone.

Bonus: The time you invest in digital accessibility now will get your content ranked higher in search plus improve the user experience at the same time.

How it works

Accessible brand discovery

Forget the technical jargon and get ready for a digital accessibility experience deep dive designed just for you. Bring your fonts, your logo, your brand colours and your questions. We’ll set a schedule so you’ve get what you need when you need it.

Accessible design

Our accessible design experts get to work. We’ll optimize your logo, brand colours and fonts for accessibility. Then, we’ll review your social media presence and design accessible templates you can use, along with a brand sheet so as your business grows, accessibility doesn’t take a back seat.

Digital content accessibility review

The language of business on the internet is content. When your website and social media content is accessible, it shows your audience there’s action behind your company values. We’ll review your online content and tell you what changes are most important.

Coaching sessions

Learning new things gets stickier with a sidekick. Bust through overwhelm with coaching sessions designed just for you so you can practice, ask the hard questions and move into action.

Include everyone in your online presence

Get the tangible assets you need paired with a coaching plan just for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting you, building your accessibility skills and shifting the way you market your business. 

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What’s included and how much does it cost?

The outcomes and deliverables include:

  • An accessible brand colour palette using your existing brand colours
  • Recommendations for accessible fonts, font sizes and font combinations
  • Written design instructions that show you what mix of colours and fonts are accessible
  • Accessible social media design templates (up to 6)
  • A website accessibility statement you can customize
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching sessions

What does it cost?

The Accessibility Starter Kit starts at $3,750.00 CDN + GST. Pay half up front and half when you book your coaching sessions.

More of what we offer:

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Digital Accessibility Training

Upskill your internal teams with custom workshops designed to get people excited, lean in and learn.

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Accessible Social Media Strategy

Content can’t be conversational until it’s inclusive. Work with our experts to design an accessible social media strategy that gets people talking.