Accessible Social Media Strategy

Simply having social media accounts isn’t enough to create a community.

  • In larger organizations, competing priorities and lack of interest can result in a social media presence that’s stale and forgotten about.
  • In small government and nonprofits, a lean (or no) marketing team means there are *so* many ideas, and not enough time or people to implement them.
  • And in a small business, social media can feel like a bottomless pit that sucks all your time and energy away from doing the work you started a business to do.
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Are you having any of these problems?

You lack Confidence?

You lack the confidence to understand how (or if) social media strategy aligns with your organizational goals.

have the right people?

You’re unsure if you have the right people making the right decisions or have the tools and processes to manage it effectively.

need leadership to buy-in?

You need leadership buy-in to shift social media from an expensive shiny object to an integrated customer touchpoint.

How it works

Kickoff + discovery

We start by listening. We ask deep-dive questions designed to help us understand more about your organization and your customers, how it’s going, what success looks like and how we can best work together.

Current state assessment

Next, we roll up our sleeves and get to work with a comprehensive review of historical web and social analytics, competitor analysis and we’ll interview stakeholders to make sure we know what it takes to succeed.


Together we’ll talk about metrics and we’ll design a dashboard to set achievable targets that show how social media contributes to your organization’s priorities.

Content pillars

We’ll use the insights from the competitor review and stakeholder interviews to design a content strategy and editorial plan that focuses on engaging your best audiences with the content they care about most.

Aligning operations

Social media doesn’t belong in a silo. This is where we talk tools, teams, and processes to make sure you have the right people in the right roles, making trusted decisions about day-to-day operations and a plan for every scenario in between.

Roadmap and training

When we’re done, you’ll get a roadmap that will set out your most important priorities against a timeline you can achieve and a training plan for your team, department leaders and other key stakeholders. 

Build sustainable systems from the inside out

Working with organizations who need more than a second opinion, we know what it takes to deliver a social media strategy that works on the inside and the outside.

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What other clients have said about working with us

Kelly was very patient, and met with our management team a number of times to finalize a plan that would work for our agency. We’ve been able to take her suggestions and provide more effective and engaging communication with our audience.

Elizabete Halprin, Community Development Coordinator



There were several valuable outcomes as a result of our work with Kelly including the development of essential social media documents (e.g., brand voice and tone, social media guidelines, social media response plan, and social media policy) and training tailored to our specific needs.  Taken together, these resources have provided us with the confidence and knowledge to enhance our social media presence.

Dr. Karen Dyck, Executive Director; Dr. Joanne Unger, President; Dr. Julia Riddell, Communications Director



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a social media strategy?

Every project is customizable. We can scale up or scale down to fit your timeline and budget.

How much does it cost?

After our discovery call, we’ll create a custom quote. No organization is the same, so we don’t offer pre-priced packages.

Can you give me feedback about my website?

Social media doesn’t live in a silo. We include web analytics in our audit phase. You can add on a website content review and strategy if you’d like.

Can you manage my social media accounts?

Our focus is to help you and your team get more out of social media. We help you build capacity so you can get ahead. We work with you, we don’t do it for you.

Can you train my team?

Yes, absolutely! We can include custom training workshops with a strategy project, or you can enroll in a live workshop!

How will I know the status of our project?

When you hire a consultant, that team is an extension of yours. That’s why our kickoff includes a communications process. We’ll make sure you always know what has been accomplished, what’s being worked on, and what’s to come.

When can we get started?

Book a call! That’s what we’re here for.


Schedule a call.

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